‘Seeing theatre makers grow always interested me more than my own aspirations’

Fourth Monkey in The Stage
We were delighted to see the Training Q&A with our CEO and Artistic Director, Steve Green, featured in The Stage this week (March 10th 2021)! 
In this conversation, Steve discusses Fourth Monkey’s unique decision to deliver a full-day audition via Zoom rather than follow the self-tape method favoured by other drama schools, as well as what attracted him to teaching and how he would like to see drama school training and the arts evolve in the future.
Discussing how he would like to see the arts change in the future, Steve said:

I’d like to see genuinely inclusive and accessible representation within the arts. As the only UK school co-founded by a woman of colour [director of training Charleen Qwaye], we are striving to be part of the solution. Our training is built through Charleen’s lens – she understands exclusion in all its myriad forms.

Our training is defined by this awareness, which benefits everyone who engages with it, no matter their background. But, there is a long way to go and we as an industry are working from a profound deficit. It starts with who we audition, who we define as artists and the voices we are invested in hearing – that requires a seismic shift in the status quo.”

Artistic Director Steve Green in action

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