Our Covid-19 Provision Plan

As you enter the Monkey House, it says “Be bold and play”. This central philosophy remains important, now even more so than ever given the current climate. Our industry is dominated by those who are passionate, adaptable and resilient and it is driven by those who are bold and playful. We will continue to adapt and discover the new ‘normal’ together in our safe and creative environment, and Fourth Monkey will continue to innovate in delivering a transformative training environment for the next generation of actors and theatre makers.

Steven Green – Artistic Director

Fourth Monkey is fully committed to the health, safety and well-being of our students, staff, practitioners, associates and visitors as the current Covid-19 pandemic continues.
Our team have worked tirelessly since March 2020 to ensure that the Monkey House surpasses current Covid-compliant government legislative requirements. This, like our approach to actor training, has been a collaborative effort, reflected through comprehensive updates to our policies, procedures and working practices within our community.
Please find below further information on the measures that the Fourth Monkey team have introduced to help keep everyone safe and to ensure our students can continue to be bold and play.
The Monkey House
Fourth Monkey have introduced the following measures within the Monkey House to ensure that safety is paramount and we are compliant with government guidance:
  • A Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been undertaken across all our facilities
  • Sanitising stations have been introduced in every studio and at all entrances, exits and communal spaces
  • All staff, students, practitioners and visitors are required to sign as part of the track and trace system
  • Covid-19 compliant signage, including social distancing guidelines, has been introduced throughout the building
  • A one-way system is implemented throughout the building from single entrance point to separate exit
  • Additional daily cleaning has been introduced
  • Toilets are single use only
  • Additional bike storage introduced to encourage cycling as an alternative to public transport
  • Social distancing is compulsory and employed throughout the building
  • Masks are required to be worn by everyone in all communal spaces throughout the building
  • Visors are required to be worn by everyone inside the studio spaces
“We have called upon our collective knowledge and experience, as well as those of our industry partners and collaborators to implement a virtual delivery which compliments our in-person delivery to enhance student learning, while upholding the ethos and philosophy of training at Fourth Monkey. We are genuinely excited by the virtual learning solutions we have implemented to further empower the training and enrich the student experience and we aim to continue in this vain as industry leader creating the next generation of actors and theatre makers using innovative approaches.”
Charleen Qwaye – Director of Training

Training Environment
Fourth Monkey remain committed to the delivery of industry-leading professional vocational actor training. Our principles for delivery have not changed – we strive to ensure that provision of practical classes and workshop quality does not diminish the experience, learning outcomes or assessment of our students. To this end, the following steps have been implemented across all our courses:
  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment carried out regarding its teaching methodologies
  • Timetabled breaks have been staggered during the teaching day to ensure maximum opportunity for social distancing in communal spaces, and to help staff and students avoid rush hour travel
  • Additional studio space has been developed within the Monkey House
  • Training bubbles have been introduced; a Fourth Monkey-specific version of social bubbles that allow for group isolation should anyone become unwell, they also form the basis of teaching sub-groups and our students were actively encouraged to seek accommodation within these training bubbles
  • Each member of a training bubble is given a responsibility within the ‘bubble’ designed to foster collaborative working and to ensure and develop the unique Fourth Monkey approach whilst allowing for safer training environment.
  • Fourth Monkey have developed a dedicated Virtual Learning Environment to aid and enhance the collaborative and ensemble-led training ethos that is the cornerstone of our professional actor training, and to support the contextual studies-based elements
  • All online delivery is recorded and made available to the students via the Virtual Learning Environment in support of their learning and development
  • Seminars, Tutorials (and feedback) are delivered online to help maintain social distancing within the Monkey House with little or no detriment to the experience
  • Fourth Monkey educate all students on the effective use and protocol of PPE wherever necessary within our adapted training environment, including classes and workshops should they wish
All students are actively encouraged to disclose their pertinent medical history with regard to Covid-19 Vulnerable or High Risk categories. This enables Fourth Monkey to; make informed decisions, remove potential barriers, offer tailored support and make reasonable adjustments to the training to ensure every opportunity is provided for each student to fully access and successfully complete the training based on ability alone.
Only suitable aspects of our professional vocational training have been translated digitally, the tools remain the same, the space and studio are the only alterations.
All online delivery remains ‘live’ and standard student professional acting practices upheld, such as; attendance, promptness, etiquette and kit.
Should circumstances dictate, Fourth Monkey have the ability and means to immediately switch entirely to online-only delivery should this be required with minimal disruption to curriculum or student experience.
Auditions, Open Days, Workshops & Outreach
In line with our approach to creating a safe training environment, we have made every effort to create consistent experiences across our other provision to ensure every participant feels at ease. For example, Fourth Monkey offer a choice of audition formats to ensure everyone is able to attend in a way that suits their personal circumstances and preferences. Applicants can select an in-house audition day at the Monkey House, our London training base, a virtual audition via video call, or a regional audition day in selected locations across the UK.
Guidance for all Students, Staff, Practitioners & Associates
Regular hand washing and the carrying of hygienic hand gel at all times is advised.
Be aware of your surroundings and always stay 2M away from your contemporaries.
Avoid public transport wherever possible. If this isn’t possible, wearing a mask is mandatory.
Washing your mask and all other clothes more regularly after use is also recommended.
Official Government Advice
The latest government advice is that we can all help control the spread of Coronavirus if we all stay alert. To protect yourself and others, when you leave home you must:
Wash Hands: Keep washing your hands regularly
Cover Face: Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces
Make Space: Stay at least 2 metres apart, or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions
If you are feeling unwell, get a test and do not leave home for at least 10 days.
Read the latest government advice on Gov.UK.

This remains a dynamic situation and is therefore subject to change; we will update this page and ensure that all our students, staff, practitioners and associates are notified of any changes accordingly.

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