Access to Arts

Aligned with our drive and commitment to making professional vocational training inclusive and more accessible, every prospective  student is welcome at Fourth Monkey. We aim to make actor training accessible to everyone who has the drive  and talent to succeed and we endeavour to ensure our auditions are as  open as possible to everyone who may wish to apply for drama school;

All our auditions are free of charge, for all courses, across all audition formats.

Additionally, to allow our Admissions Team to fully support you  throughout the audition and application process, we strive to make all  our auditions accessible to all and we endeavour to support any access  needs that you require in order to audition with Fourth Monkey.

If you have access needs or require adjustments to your audition, if  you need help with any part of the application or audition process, or  if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with  our friendly Admissions Team.

Access & Participation

The power of theatre is rooted in the diversity of story, thought and creative process, and we actively  encourage students from diverse backgrounds to join our community and  celebrate their own unique stories. Our acting workshops are at the heart of our commitment to making training accessible to all.

Experience our unique approach to professional actor training and creative theatre making through our Participation Workshops. We offer practical support, raise aspiration and present  viable routes for those wishing to access our courses, who may not have  the opportunity to experience conservatoire training or to consider the creative performance industry as a career choice; especially those from unconventional or non-academic backgrounds who are looking to access  Higher Education and Professional Actor Training.

Accessibility, Equality & Diversity Statement

Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company is committed to creating an environment where every individual who comes through our doors is seen, heard and celebrated. We are committed to ensuring that this approach is the bedrock of every aspect of our work encompassing auditions, outreach, actor training and the Fourth Monkey Ensemble and that all practitioners, directors, creatives and staff are included in this approach and aligned in our thinking.

We are dedicated to creating a learning environment which celebrates diversity, strives for inclusive excellence and embeds equal opportunity for all our staff, students, creatives and participants alike, regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability (including underlying health issues, mental health issues and additional learning needs), age, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and / or religion. Fourth Monkey also actively encourage collaboration and contact from those with protected characteristics in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of Fourth Monkey provisions.

Fourth Monkey does not discriminate on any grounds. We are committed to removing potential barriers, offering tailored support and making reasonable adjustments for our auditions, workshops and training based solely on the individual’s need, in order to ensure that every opportunity is provided for everyone to fully access and successfully complete all aspects of Fourth Monkey provisions. Everyone is encouraged to be bold and play and everyone has equal opportunity to thrive and excel.

Fourth Monkey aim to be an innovative industry leader on this matter and to ensure that we always exceed any and all legislative obligations. This, like our approach to actor training is a collaborative effort and a collective responsibility which is intrinsic in the way in which we think and work, represented throughout the Fourth Monkey community and congruent across all policies, procedures and working practices.

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