Tamburlaine the Great...Now the Dust has Settled!

8th April 2015

“A monster play, a monster challenge yet a wonderful delight.”

After what seemed like a lifetime in the rehearsal room pulling this majestic and magnificent play apart, Tamburlaine arrived, played and closed in a mere heartbeat in March. A fantastic experience and one neither myself, my co-director Sarah Case or I hope any of the cast will forget in any sort of a hurry.

Tamburlaine is rarely performed and with good reason, it is a beast. Nonetheless it is very easy to get complacent when you are working on something, but having taken time post-production to reflect on the sheer scale of the cast’s achievements in tackling one of the most complex and challenging classical texts in the canon of Elizabethan theatre I smile with a sense of pride. The company of second year rep students did remarkable work and work I hope they will take forward with them into their careers. Their collective and individual growth was a delight to see, the purpose for taking the play on in the first place and to hear and see full houses of appreciative audience members was an added bonus as the work they were producing deserved an audience; so thank you to all of those who attended and supported the production too.

“You’re mad doing Tamburlaine with actors in training” is what I was told on announcing the project, and I never disagreed, but you’ve got to have a little bit of madness in this world to make it interesting. Besides if you want your actors to achieve exceptional things you’ve got to give them the tools to break through their own glass ceilings of personal expectation and with this I genuinely feel they have. A massive congratulations to all involved, and now on to the next….

Steve Green

Fourth Monkey - Actor Training Company

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