Self-tape FAQ's

As Fourth Monkey commit to meeting everyone who applies to train with us at audition in person or via a live virtual audition day, self-tape submissions are not compulsory when applying to train with us. However as the world we live in is self-tape driven, here are some FAQ’s in relation to self-tapes!


What do I film it on, do I need a camera?

No not at all, a smartphone is absolutely perfect for filming your speeches on and remember this is to get a sense of your work. We do not expect the work to be cinematic in quality either, so although we encourage you to be happy with your speeches please don’t spend hours and hours editing or reshooting. We just want to see you and your work, we’ll work with you on your speeches when we meet you at audition so we do not expect perfection!


How do I set up the frame, how far away should I stand?

Set the camera so we can see you from the waist up, ideally standing in front of as neutral or plain a background wall as you can, and shoot your self-tape in landscape.


What room shall I record my speeches in?

The room itself or the size of the space is not important and it doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom or your kitchen just make sure it’s well lit and ensure that your family or housemates know you are filming so they don’t walk in and star in your work!


Do I introduce myself and my speeches?

Yes please. Before you start your speeches, tell us your name, the character and the plays they are from. Please do this for both speeches.


What speeches do I need to perform?

The first should be a contemporary speech of your own choosing that lasts no more than two minutes. Contemporary normally means a speech from a play from the year 2000 onwards. The second should be a classical or Elizabethan era speech. This could be Shakespeare or another writer from this period, again the speech is of your own choosing and should last no more than two minutes.


Any guidance or advice on speech choices?

The only thing we advise is that the speeches are relatable to yourself in age and that they are contrasting to each other. That aside, there are no restrictions we put on your choices – the choice of speech is down to you!


What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, as if you are at an audition. You don’t need to ‘dress for the character’. Be yourself.


How shall I save and send the final speeches to Fourth Monkey?

Please uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and send them as one link to Fourth Monkey as part of your completed application.


Any questions or queries just email us at

We look forward to meeting you at audition!

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