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MA Collaborative Theatre Final Production


A collection of stories of people who don’t fit in, stories about people you might consider weird, stories that colour outside of the lines and don’t do well at parties and who leave awkward silences wherever they go. 
Misfits is a celebration of new work, devised and performed by Fourth Monkey’s MA Collaborative Theatre Class of 2022, showcasing their talents as boundary-pushing artists who like to take risks and shake up the status quo.
Suitable for ages 14+.

Tales of Lethe

Four female historical villains meet in a hotel. The catch: they can’t remember anything. The second catch: only acts of villainy unlock memories. Let drinks flow and blood be shed.  

Featuring – Harriet Leaf and Selin Balcıoğlu 

Job Agency

Joe and Stan need to change careers, both are feeling the pressures of age. Expect clowning, poignance and a designated emotions corner. Change is hard. Changing is harder. 

Featuring – Steven Poland and Kajo Sartori 

Honour Bound

A solo show exploring honour-based violence and the anti-Blackness often found in South Asian communities. 

Featuring – Zahra Jassi 

The Tofana Trials

An immersive courtroom play, inspired by the Spana Prosecutions of 1659, exploring women’s relationship to a justice system that often fails them. You have been selected to hear the testimonies and see the evidence before giving your own verdict.  

Featuring – Nicola Bohlen, Chloe Hatherley and Lucy Millett 

Please note: all four shows will be performed at all MA Collaborative Theatre performance dates.

Fourth Monkey return with their Experimental Performance season of new work in development in their purpose built building! The season comprises of 18 new scratch pieces of work created solely by our Two Year company of students. We are looking to develop one (or more!) of them beyond this point and we need you! Our Experimental Performance audience is invited to feedback and comment on what they see, becoming part of the process of selection. We hope to unearth the next big thing and we hope you can help us find it!


These pieces are split up into two performances, so make sure the group you want to watch is in the performance you are booking tickets for.

Group 1

1. Stacey and Rose

Stacey and Rose Productions presents the home video of the century… it’s sleek, its slick, its 100% unoriginal content. These BFFs are creating a masterpiece for their local village film festival and they’re reigning champions, so their title is at stake and so maybe is their friendship…

2. Vortex

We are surrounded by spirals at every level — “as above, so below”

The spiral Vortex is Nature’s favoured form for the transmission of its energy, radiating out and drawing in simultaneously, infinitely and eternally

In Hinduism, it is a powerful symbol to denote unusual developments in life,  it draws in those who are caught in it. Sometimes, it may even act as a doorway to death and another world

… A journey through the centre and who you might encounter in it.

3. Reap What You Sow

As a new relationship begins to blossom. Gary’s ex is on a mission to remind him of his past; who he is meant to be with. Even, if, it means destroying everything he loves. Will Gary be able to stop him before it’s too late? 

4. The Bass Rock

A piece based on the book of the same title, by Evie Wyld, which depicts three women across the 1700s, 1950s and present day, exploring their experiences of a patriarchal society within the rural coastal setting of North Berwick, Scotland.

Trigger warnings: Mentions of sexual assault, rape, and violence.

5. Ballet Slipper Pink

Francesca is marrying Christine’s brother tomorrow! At the nail salon the two are preparing for the excitement of the wedding and beginning to forge their relationship. One wants to form a bond, the other has very different expectations…

6. The Púca

A short puppetry performance inspired by the Irish myths of the Púca, a phantom fairy creature who can shapeshift and causes mischief at the dead of night. Thought to be the bringer of good and bad luck has given these creatures a feared reputation. The puppet is designed and made by Holly Baynes who is also performing the piece. 

7. Dead Ball

Deborah is forced to question what to do with herself when the laws and regulations she followed offer her no protection. 

8. Friday Fetch Quest

In a land of faxes and a time of corporate synergy, the destiny of a municipal work building’s Friday afternoon rests on the shoulders of a young, unambitious 9 to 5 employee. Will Bob finish his quest, or does fate have other plans for him?

9. Girls Who…

A compilation of material (the best bits) from Walk Alone theatre’s debut show, ‘Girls Who…’ It’s got some tough to swallow topics, jaw achingly funny jokes and musical numbers that will leave you lightheaded and teary eyed; this exciting piece will leave you gagging for more.

Content Warnings: Strong language, Sexual Harassment, mentions of sex, sexism and misogyny.

10. My Last Two Brain Cells

When disaster strikes in the brain of 23 year old Gary, it’s up to his brain cells to try and fix everything.

Unfortunately, they’ve all jumped ship and were stuck with these two idiots.

Group 2


Eight teens living the high life running wild and free. They are invincible. Endorphins, ecstasy and a sprinkle of loon energy.

But what happens when 8 becomes 7 and Luke is nowhere 2 be found …


2. Super Soldiers

After six days of walking, three soldiers fighting under their dictator “General Weevil” are left cluelessly defending one of his lavish homes. Heat, stress and fear of the regime are weighing heavy on them. Can they work together and survive, or will the regime catch up with them?

3. Frankenstein Machinations

Maddie (Kora Johnston) is a literature student with a fascination of the macabre, and a newly acquired corpse.

Her best friend Cade (Benjamin James), barges into this chaos, and begins questioning if Maddie is right; morally, ethically, and mentally. What follows is a vignette of grief, love and mayhem.

4. Set In Stone

This piece follows Medusa after her untimely death. Having been raped by Poseidon and a curse put on her by the wicked Athena, for stealing her love and challenging her beauty, Medusa is sent to the depths of the underworld, there she realises she does not belong with the monsters who dwell there and seeks to make her way out….to where she hasn’t figured out yet. Desperate for a second chance she fights for an audience with the gods, but will they change their mind and take pity on her….. what would you do?

5. The Akashic Field

Three mystical beings, home to the Akashic Field, are the last of their kind. There are preparations in place for a ritual of great importance. Take a step into the spiritual world and immerse yourself into their journey.

6. The Final Girl

After a slew of murders, and an off-stage encounter with the maniac responsible, Helen returns home to apparent safety… where she faces the greatest evil a serial killer can throw at you: a ringing phone. The Final Girl is a WIP drag-clown fusion, and a snippet of a much larger idea- stay tuned! 

7. It’s Not All Black and White

This one-man show is about Luke, a Young, Aspiring Actor who is desperate for his break and soon realises that the industry isn’t all he bargained for. Warning, this piece involves, annoying loving mothers, professional edgy Sound technicians and worst of all, Banana Milkshakes. 

8. The Art of Saying Goodbye

The Art of Saying Goodbye is a nostalgic piece of experimental work which fuses physical storytelling and spoken word to explore the theme of change and goodbyes. A very personal piece for us (I’m sure you can figure out why) that we hope reflects a little deeper than the words alone can say.

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