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International Fourth Monkey Workshop

With an international reputation, international student body and global outlook Fourth Monkey are delighted to be able to share our work and collaborate with an ever-expanding pool of international partners. Having delivered workshops and collaborative projects in Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Austria and Germany, Fourth Monkey are for ever looking to expand our reach beyond the UK and are keen to explore international projects or workshop delivery with interested parties. Having worked with theatre partners, youth companies, and schools overseas we are always open to proposals and expressions of interest for collaboration. Often the first engagement is the delivery of one of our workshops, lasting three hours or longer with a group of young or experienced actors and we offer these sessions as means of introduction to do our work. Where possible, these sessions will be led by our Artistic Director Steven Green. 

Interested parties and potential partners should contact for the attention of our Artistic Director Steven Green for more information and to start a conversation. 

Workshop Highlights

  • Complicité inspired bamboo exercises
  • Laban tension states character work
  • Character archetypes based on the actor’s movement
  • Expressive physical movement tasks
  • Meisner work with textual extracts (of our choice) focusing on repetition and response
  • A Q&A with our practitioners where students can ask further questions about the work, influences, our work in the industry today, audition preparation and further development
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