Foundation Acting Training - Perfect Prep for your Next Steps

Clearing Now Open for 2022 Entry

Still thinking about professional actor training for September 2022? Don’t panic – it is not too late to start your drama school journey!


Applications for Fourth Monkey’s innovative accredited foundational training course, CertHE Acting & Theatre Making, will remain open until the end of August and can be made through UCAS Clearing as well as through direct application via self-tape submission.

Whether you have only recently decided that vocational professional training is the right path for you or are simply curious about where a career in performing and creative theatre making could take you, check out our “at a glance guide” to how a foundation acting course helps lay the groundwork for your onward journey, as well as who is eligible to apply via Clearing and how you can submit that all-important application via whichever method best suits your needs and circumstances!

Break a leg!

Foundation Acting Training – Perfect Prep for your Next Steps!

Trying to find your path for Autumn 2022? Check out our top four reasons on how foundational acting training can help you feel confident and capable as an actor and artist, by fully preparing you for your creative training journey!


  • Preparing for intensive drama school training – this might sound obvious, however the biggest benefit of a foundation-level course is that it provides a window into what to expect from full-time actor training in an inclusive, supportive environment. Working alongside industry professionals and experienced practitioners, you will gain an in-depth insight into the commitment, passion and professionalism required to make the most of drama school training, from working collaboratively with an ensemble to understanding what is (and is not!) considered professional practice in the rehearsal room, allowing you to decide this path will be the right fit for your onward journey. Plus, as part of this preparation, you will have a chance to brush up on your audition technique, from choosing and preparing suitable monologues, to creating self-tapes and drawing on new acting, vocal and movement skills to evolve your performance in an audition setting – perfect for anyone who has decided to pursue further vocational training.
  • Developing new performance skills – throughout the course of foundational training, students will have a chance to discover a wide variety of acting, voice, movement and creative theatre making techniques, from screen acting to Meisner, from Puppetry to Clown and much more! This will help them lay the groundwork for a comprehensive actor’s toolkit and allow them to think about what they might like to explore in more detail, either through professional development workshops and masterclasses or through specialist further training at a higher level.
  • Play, experiment & “fail” – foundation training provides an inclusive, supportive environment in which students can truly get to grips with the fundamentals of acting, performance and creative theatre making, whilst feeling free to be bold and play without fear of failure. It is a time to experiment with and develop your unique persona as a performer, discover your individual creativity and explore your strengths and weaknesses, and to learn more about what you can bring to a collaborative ensemble, including learning how to take notes and redirection constructively and working with a broad spectrum of actors and artists from a diverse variety of backgrounds.
  • Build confidence & deepen understanding – ideal for students at the very start of their creative career and jumping straight into professional training from school or college, a year of foundation training will leave you feeling confident and capable of building a sustainable career in the creative arts, whatever path that might take. You will have had a chance to learn more about what makes a connected, embodied actor through playing with different acting techniques, discovered how to be an imaginative, engaged artist through experimenting with different ways of making work, and developed your abilities to work collaboratively with others – everything you need to feel fully prepared and informed when taking the next steps in your creative training journey!

Foundation training – still time to apply for 2022 entry

If you have read our CertHE Acting & Theatre Making course description as well as our handy hints on how foundation acting training can benefit you and are interested in joining the next generation of Monkey actors and artists, we want to hear from you! Applications can be submitted via Clearing or via direct self-tape submission using our online form – whichever best suits your needs and circumstances as an applicant.

Not sure if you are eligible for UCAS Clearing? You can use this method of application if…

  • You have changed your mind about your original choices for further training / Higher Education
  • Your exam results were not as you expected or hoped they would be
  • You have only just decided you would like to explore further professional training / Higher Education
  • You have decided an offer you previously accepted via the UCAS system is not the right fit for you and would like to explore alternatives via Clearing.

You can also find further guidance about Clearing via UCAS or by getting in touch with Fourth Monkey’s Admissions team, who are always happy to help with questions and enquiries –  E.: or T.: 020 7281 0360.

Applications for the final remaining places to train on the CertHE Acting & Theatre Making in Bristol and in London for September 2022 entry will close at the end of August to give everyone still thinking about the next steps in their creative training journey plenty of time to apply!

Whether you want to make the most of the UCAS Clearing system or you prefer to share your self-tape submission with us directly, if you are an aspiring actor and theatre maker ready to dive into drama school training, we want to hear from you!

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