Experimental Fringe 2016

11th November 2016

Tickets are now on sale for our Experimental Fringe season of new work in development which will return this December! The season will run between 15th-17th December at The Monkey House in our very own Emrys Johns Studio. The season comprises of eight new scratch pieces of work created solely by our Two Year Rep company. We are looking to develop one or more of them beyond this point and we need you! Our Experimental Fringe audience is invited to feedback and comment on what they see, becoming part of the process of selection. We hope to unearth the next big thing and we hope you can help us find it.

Guereza Company:

Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Ctrl, Alt, Delete looks to advocate change, challenge stereotypes & highlight a need for the restructuring of mental health provision for young adults. The pieces’ episodic narrative and exploration of physical movement seeks to create awareness for the spectator.

Emergency Exit – “Emergency Exit” is an exploration of the geographical and emotional journeys that globally, women and their loved ones are forced to take, due to restrictive abortion laws.

Clean Mean Eating Machine – “Clean Mean Eating Machine” is a satirical exploration of our newfound obsession with clean eating. Set in a busy London office, this piece combines the styles of physical theatre and clowning, in order to comment on the current and growing trend of clean eating.

Read Between the Lines – Do you believe everything you read in the papers? By exploring exaggeration, exploitation and sensationalism in the media, this piece invites you to ‘Read Between the Lines’.


Mangabey Company:

A Murder Most Foley – A terrible murder has been committed at McDougal Manor and there is only one man who can solve it, the questionable Private Detective Dick Reference! Using a live Foley desk and a colourful collection of characters, enjoy a comedy that breaks the sound barrier.

Unit 3011 – As a nation we ask our troops to give everything when they serve our country, and we expect nothing less.
Like all military units, this unit of soldiers are not ‘heroes’, they are just doing their job. But they would move heaven and earth to save one of their own. This is a bond which no non-military individual can fully comprehend. Using verbatim text and true accounts from serving British military personnel, this condensed piece offers a short glimpse of the everyday lives of soldiers and their unit, whilst serving in a modern war situation in the British Army.

Removed – ‘Removed’ follows a young girl and her family in their battle to cope with trauma of the past. A theatrical exploration of disassociation, ‘Removed’ gives a voice to a story which all too often goes unheard.

Cell Buy Ate – Have you ever wanted to see a show which was a cross between Chicken Run and Rosencrantz and Gildernstern are Dead? The characters of ‘CELL BUY ATE’ are coming to terms with a noisy, unpredictable window, predictable medicine times, Daisy’s confusion of why she is always pregnant, why does Dolly copy everything anyone does, and what actually happens outside? It’s escape or die frying, in this absurdist, surreal comedy about the realities of the farming industry today. Dinner is observed.

Fourth Monkey - Actor Training Company

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