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Saturday 20 November

10:00 – 13:00
14:00 – 17:00

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Having trained under the likes of John Wright and Huw Thomas, Steve’s work is founded in the principles of play and clown. His work has developed over the years to focus on the simple exploration of body, breath and voice taking inspiration from practices such as Viewpoints, Clown, Lecoq and the work of Complicite´ in the celebration and exploration of what he considers a true ensemble. Steve sees the synergy of body, breath and voice as the key tools of the working actor and through this workshop you will explore your connection to these, access your actors’ impulse and your connection to those you are working with and indeed the ensemble around you as a whole.

“When we are able to listen to our impulses, which are connected to our breath, our motor, we find the simplest and most honest of truths. The challenge is often being brave enough to listen and trust it to be true. However, when we do, we demystify this acting thing, of which there are often a lot of ‘words’ spoken, words that only seem to serve to exclude and alienate, when in actual fact it is the simplest and most accessible thing in the world. Everyone capable of truth is capable of being an actor, and that of course, is everyone. We are merely adults who are playing like children, and it is no more scientific than that.”

Originally from Devon, Steve is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Fourth Monkey. A writer, director and former actor, Steve trained at Middlesex University under the inspirational instruction of practitioners such as John Wright (Trestle, Told by an Idiot), Steve Tiller (The Wedding Collective), John Topping and Huw Thomas amongst many others. The experimental and risk-taking training environment that existed at Middlesex, on their celebrated BA Performing Arts course led him toward what has been both a diverse, far-reaching, and collaborative career within the arts. Working extensively first on screen as an actor, before transitioning to director and producer his work has always tried to push boundaries and challenge perceived convention within the sector. Fourth Monkey’s training is an embodiment of his and his co-founder Charleen Qwaye’s vision and experience and one that is borne of a sense of play and a desire to demystify the actor training sector.

Charleen & Steve have collaboratively developed a clear educational philosophy founded in ensemble, exploration, and inclusion, forming the foundation of the Fourth Monkey pedagogy, brought to life through Charleen’s exceptional and innovative course design. The work, like in life, is ever evolving and the collective Fourth Monkey initiative is to ensure our training is always current, relevant and at the forefront of positive change within the sector.


Steve’s directing credits include: Titus Andronicus, Tamburlaine the Great Part I & II, Julius Caesar, Plasticine, Ascension Part I & II, The Peculiar Tale of Pablo Picasso and the Mona Lisa, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nights at the Circus, Elephant Man, 4.48 Psychosis, A Clockwork Orange, The Penelopiad, The Love of the Nightingale, The Pope and the Witch, The Crucible, Waiting for Godot, The Caretaker, Metamorphosis, Pass it on, The Creation of the World and other business, Overdue, Left Luggage, Oh What a Lovely War, Shelter, Playing the Victim, A Game of two Halves and Inamorata.

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