Edinburgh Fringe Grimm Season: Blog 2

21st August 2015

Week Two has certainly flown past in an onslaught of performances, marketing and parties. After receiving our second four star review from Broadway Baby for Little Red Cap, moods were high and our performances became more and more confident. The sheer popularity of our shows has become clear, especially after two downpour days on the Mile, where barely anyone handed out a single flyer, we still had a pretty much packed audience.  

The Hansel and Gretel cast are increasingly happy with the number of walk-outs during their performances, averaging six to eight people a night. They are well on their way to achieving their goal of creating the most controversial and disturbing play of the fringe. There is nothing quite like looking out over a winding queue of people trying to get into your show, a queue which leads out of the door and down the road, it is a wonderful feeling.

Of course, we’re not there yet. Daily marketing duties still exist, though I am now out of costume and am exit-flyering outside various venues. A much easier task actually; people’s spirits are lifted once leaving a performance, making it a prime time to suggest that they go see another one. This doesn’t mean that we don’t still get completely ignored by some people, and it can be very disheartening to have a day where you don’t hand out a single flyer, but we have definitely realised the importance that marketing has on our shows. The Mile itself is also an incredible hub for networking, and more and more company members are making friends from other shows, asking them to come to see us and in return bringing our company to their show. It is a  wonderful feeling hearing another company yell from their bollard – “Go to see their show too, it’s incredible!”. I think this kind of comradeship is what the fringe is all about.

Another stand out event from our week is marked by the fact that I am writing this while surrounded by a mug of ginger tea, a box of tissues and a tube of Berocca. Everybody’s ill. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody. It was probably evident from the start that illness would not be able to be kept under control as we were all living in such close proximity to each other. I’m still a definite culprit of strolling round believing that it wouldn’t happen to me. However, we are very good at looking after each other, exchanging a flat mate’s glass of wine for a mug of tea for  example, proving that we really are all together in this. And we are definitely stronger than we make out because we haven’t let it get on top of us and our performances haven’t dropped in standard. 

In other news, we have all seen many incredible performances, my stand out recommendations would be The Bastard Queen (Naughty Corner Productions), Odd Shaped Balls (Etcetera Theatre), Jekyll (Hypnotist Theatre Company) and Tumbling After  (RedBellyBlack Productions). All these performances are proving difficult to fit in, but we are trying our hardest. As well as all this, we also managed to find the best club in Edinburgh – Boteco Do Brasil, a samba club, where we danced to our hearts content for hours on end. Another incredible week!

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