Edinburgh Fringe 2016: Genesis & Revelation

1st July 2016

NEWSFLASH! It is now only a month before Fourth Monkey return to the Fringe with a season of work inspired by the books of Genesis and Revelation, following last year’s success of our Grimm season! With work from both our Year of Monkey and Two year Rep courses and under the direction of Karen Tomlin, Stephen Sobal, Ami Sayers and Steven Green it is set to be another exciting and bold season of work. This year we will also be returning to our Edinburgh ‘home’ that is theSpaceUK on Niddry St (venue 9) with all 5 shows, which are:

The Whale:
The Whale is a magical, graphic ensemble reimagining of Jonah’s sentence of solitude in the belly of the whale. An exploration of juvenile solitary confinement in the modern prison system seen through the eyes of a female Jonah as she battles the demons of solitude and institutional abuse.

The Ark:
Noah is a coastguard patrolling the coast of a fractured Libyan state bound and compromised by duty to both his God and his fellow man. The Ark is a physical and ensemble reimagining of the Bible story, exploring man’s humanity, savagery and bigotry paralleling the contemporary refugee crisis with that of the biblical story of the ark.

Sodom is a city of unparalleled sin to which Lot offers his own daughters as sacrificial lambs to save himself. A tale of vengeance, justice and incest from multi award-winning Fringe regulars Fourth Monkey. Told with their renowned ensemble signature style Fourth Monkey uncompromisingly reimagine the story of Sodom for a contemporary audience.

Ascension Part 1 & 2:
Following the sell-out success of the immersive late-night Alice in 2014, Fourth Monkey return to the Fringe with another late-night offering. In two digestible and complimentary parts Ascension explores man’s relationship and perception of our world as we know it today. Ascension is a midnight exploration of the apocalypse. Uncompromisingly delivered by a company renowned for its bold and unflinching work, Ascension Parts 1 and 2 offer a late-night experience like no other on the Fringe. ‘The four horsemen are coming for all of us, it’s just a question of when.’

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