Once a Monkey, always a Monkey!

Fourth Monkey was founded on a belief in the importance of fostering lasting links with all our alumni, offering employment opportunities through the Fourth Monkey Ensemble, professional development training through the Evolve Programme and continued support. It’s always been our aim to provide our students with a training home for life and to form longstanding professional relationships. 

Fourth Monkey Ensemble

Fourth Monkey Ensemble is the multi-award nominated professional touring arm of Fourth Monkey. The Ensemble create original work under the direction of Artistic Director Steve Green with an emphasis on forgotten stories and those told by unheard or silenced voices. The work of the Ensemble is physical, dynamic, and visceral in it’s composition, telling stories that are raw, real and powerful with movement, sound, text and design all central to the collaborative creation of what we strive to be exciting and original new theatre.

The Evolve Programme

Offering a fantastic range of Acting, Movement, Voice and creative classes, the Evolve Programme gives Monkey alumni and working actors the chance to hone their craft and develop their skills part-time, post graduation. The practitioners leading each course include renowned Casting Directors, Producers and theatre specialists across a range of performance fields.

Monkeys in the Industry

Many of our alumni will pursue the traditional paths of agent representation once they have completed their training with us, with the majority successfully signing with an agent upon graduation. At the same time, many of our actors also benefit from the company’s particular focus on giving students the tools and empowerment to create professional work, a theatre company or ensemble of their own.

We have a diverse group of alumni who work across the creative industry. In addition, a number of our graduates go on to work as part of the Fourth Monkey professional ensemble, a successful Arts Council funded touring company comprised entirely of graduates from the training programmes.

We strive to create actors and performers who are trained, employable and industry ready, and have a graduate employment rate of 84%, as of September 2019.

Fourth Monkey alumni have gone on to collaborate and work with a wide variety of screen and stage companies, including:

Alumni Theatre Companies

An ever-growing number of our students have gone on to form successful theatre companies. Our training has always been focused towards giving students the skills to forge sustainable careers in the arts and to create original work alongside the traditional routes.

Some Fourth Monkey alumni companies include: