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Revolutionary Actor Training

In 2010 we set out to create a training methodology which reflected the requirements of the performance landscape and one that gave a platform to a greater range of stories than were being presented in modern theatre and broadcast media. The goal of Fourth Monkey was, still is, and will always be – to create a world ignited by a visceral cacophony of bold and diverse voices and, since its inception, I believe that we have gone a long way towards making that happen. We are not there yet and neither is the industry, but we are advocates for positive change and also as well as an ever-more pivotal voice in recognising that change through our continued evolution and innovation. The industry has changed a great deal in the last ten years, as have we, yet we are relentless in our own pursuit of enhancement as well as enhancement and growth within the wider industry itself.

Our curriculum has been celebrated for its decolonisation by our accrediting partner Falmouth University and our students, working as an ensemble, are provided a space to celebrate and define their own individual voice within it. Our philosophy has often been imitated – as they say imitation should be seen as the greatest complement; but our genuine desire to challenge the status quo and our fearlessness in doing so is what sets us apart from those who choose to follow. We are not perfect – no-one is, but we are genuinely committed and striving to change the industry landscape within which we work to be a better and more inclusive space for everyone.

Access to the arts begins at point of entry and this is why our work has been founded on a desire to reach new audiences through our expansive outreach work whilst enabling those who wish to audition for us to do so without paying a fee for the ‘privilege’ of the audition. Our auditions are proudly set as zero fee for all. We passionately believe that recruitment is our cost to bear and not that of the applicant ,and starting from this foundation enables us to create a truly accessible and inclusive space for our actors to train and allows our practitioners to push new boundaries within their work.

Fourth Monkey started life as a revolution. It has now become a genuinely visionary trailblazer and we are grateful to all of those who have been part of our journey and those we are yet to encounter.

Steve Green, Artistic Director


Shizaru is the seldom-quoted fourth monkey of the ancient Japanese proverb. Quite simply, Shizaru embodies the principles of ‘doing good’. This, alongside our training representing the primordial evolution of theatre training in the UK, is why we are known as Fourth Monkey.

Access & Participation

Aligned with our drive and commitment to making professional vocational training inclusive and more accessible, every prospective student is welcome at Fourth Monkey. The power of theatre is rooted in the diversity of story, thought and creative process, and we actively encourage students from diverse backgrounds to join our community and celebrate their own unique stories.

We provide access to workshops and training in acting and creative theatre making. We offer practical support, raise aspiration and present viable routes for those wishing to access our courses, who may not have the opportunity to experience conservatoire training or to consider the creative performance industry as a career choice; especially those from unconventional or non-academic backgrounds who are looking to access Higher Education and Professional Actor Training.

Our Training Ethos

Fourth Monkey training encourages connections between disciplines, practices and activities within the field of performance and creation. Our students “learn by doing” in a range of professional vocational classes, workshops, performance projects and public events that guide them to being industry-ready using the unique Fourth Monkey thematic training structure of ACT. MAKE. MOVE. COLLABORATE.

Our approach looks to celebrate the humanity of every individual who comes through our doors, to encourage their passion for acting and theatre and guide them to seek out physical and emotional truth in all they do. We believe strongly in the power of the group dynamic, the ensemble and ‘play’ in our training. We develop open-minded performers and shape individuals who are not driven by the pursuit of the spotlight, but by the desire to deliver bold, visceral and collaborative work as an actor and theatre maker.

Industry Leading Professionals

Fourth Monkey is a close-knit collaborative community of core teaching staff, talented freelance industry professionals and of course our students. Our training team work alongside some of the finest national and international theatre practitioners to create a unique, dynamic working environment where individual expression is valued and celebrated.

Our training effectively facilitates an apprenticeship with leading practitioners from across a diverse range of fields. This hands-on and relevant approach produces a performer who is trained in multiple ways of working – a rounded artist who is confident to work with anyone and to create creative working methodologies of their own within an ensemble based repertory training environment.

Fourth Monkey Ensemble

Fourth Monkey Ensemble is the professional touring arm of Fourth Monkey. The Ensemble create original work under the direction of Artistic Director Steve Green with an emphasis on forgotten stories and those told by unheard or silenced voices.

The work of the Ensemble is physical, dynamic, and visceral in it’s composition, telling stories that are raw, real and powerful with movement, sound, text and design all central to the collaborative creation of what we strive to be exciting and original new theatre.


Fourth Monkey is committed to lifelong learning. Our diverse affordable programme of workshops, masterclasses and short courses are designed to support actors, theatre makers and creative professionals to refine their skills and knowledge over the course of their career through our Evolve professional development opportunities.

Evolve is available to anyone wishing to explore the craft of acting, world renowned theatre practitioners and performance. Our programme is designed to meet the needs of aspiring and working creatives of all experiences and backgrounds to come together, share experiences and continue to ACT, MAKE, MOVE, COLLABORATE.


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