Audition Tips: From Application to Audition

13th June 2019

Auditioning for drama school can be nerve-wracking. How do you know what to expect if you’ve never auditioned before? That’s why we’ve put together some tips about the process – from application to audition – to help you on your journey towards drama school training. 


It all starts with writing your application. But you want to be an actor – on your feet creating, not sat down writing.

For us, the application form isn’t the important bit. We want to see you in the room, performing, moving and doing what you do best. Our application form simply asks for a few personal details – so that we can contact you; a photograph – not professional headshots required, a selfie will do; and an explanation about why you want to train as an actor and why Fourth Monkey could be the place for you. We want to hear about who you are now and your goals in the in creative industries.

Everyone who applies to train with Fourth Monkey will receive an audition. Now all you need to do, is prepare.

If you’d like any support with your application, please email



At the audition we ask you to perform the two monologues you’ve prepared – one classical, one contemporary. You should prepare and memorise both of them before you arrive. We ask that you learn the lines so that we can see your ability to master this key acting skill.

We invite you to perform a classical monologue to demonstrate how you handle ‘heightened’ language (writing that is often poetic) and whether you can make it appear active, natural and interesting.

The same goes for your contemporary monologue, which is defined as anything written post 1900. The writing is usually more prosaic (how people realistically speak), in contrast to the classical monologue, so that you can demonstrate the breadth of your skills. Again, pick a character who you could realistically play, who has a clear want.

Across your two monologues it would be beneficial to pick two contrasting characters so that you can show your range.

If you are looking for monologue inspiration, here are some great places to start:

The Night Before

How you prepare the night before can set the tone for your whole audition.

You’ll be taking part in a full company warm up and a series of movement, devising and voice workshops movement workshop so make sure you eat a proper meal the night before. Plan your route to the Monkey House and make sure you leave enough time to arrive at least 15 minutes before the audition begins to sign in. If you’ll be travelling to us by train, see whether you can save on your fare by using Fourth Monkey’s account with Trainsplit.

Finally, make sure you get a good night’s sleep, putting you in the best position to shine.

On the Day

Today’s the day! We know you’re going to rock it. Wake up with plenty of time, make sure you eat a proper breakfast and get dressed in some comfortable clothes you can move in. You should also leave your jewellery at home, and be prepared to work in bare feet for the majority of the day.

Most importantly: relax. We want to see you shine and we believe the best way for this to happen is if you’re at ease. Be yourself – not who you think we’re looking for and enjoy the day.


We just know you’re going to impress our panel

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