Alumni Theatre Makers to Look Out For!

We want to empower our students to be able to create their own opportunities as actors and theatre makers, and we are excited about discovering the latest in innovative, original theatre making from the next generation of Monkey alumni theatre makers and companies as they step out into the industry!


We are delighted to see some of our most recent graduates forming theatre companies and creating unique work with their fellow alumni – from explorations of toxic workplace culture to surrealist new writing, check out our guide to just some of the newest Fourth Monkey alumni theatre companies and alumni artists to look out for in 2022…




For an exploration of corporate burnout and how we can prevent it… check out RUCKLE Theatre and THE FALL:

A new female, queer-led multidisciplinary theatre company formed by two of Fourth Monkey’s Class of 2022 graduates, Emilie Largier and Libby Symons, RUCKLE Theatre are dedicated to challenging their audience by creating visceral, political work and telling often untold stories.

Evolved from an original piece performed as part of Fourth Monkey’s 2019 Experimental Fringe season, RUCKLE invite you to step into their office as they ask, “what the F**K happens when your work environment becomes toxic?”. Looking at how work stopped being about dreams and ambitions and became a fight for survival, THE FALL doesn’t just explore the modern phenomenon of corporate burnout but how we can heal from it and ultimately change the workplace narrative to prevent it.

Inspired by neuroscience and lived experiences of burnout in all its murky glory, THE FALL is RUCKLE Theatre’s debut piece as a professional theatre company – learn more.

Plus – check out our conversation with Emilie and Libby, RUCKLE Theatre founders, about what inspired them to work together after graduating in 2020 – read here.

For a unique, touching story about “belonging”… check out Azza-har Theatre and HOME:

A fledging theatre company founded by Fourth Monkey Class of 2021 graduate Santiago Guillamon, Azza-har Theatre explore the impact movement and visual imagery can have on an audience. As a theatre maker, founder Santiago is committed to developing and adapting sustainable practices and is focused on using recycled and repurposed materials as part of his work.

Originally taking shape as part of Fourth Monkey’s 2020 Experimental Fringe season, HOME tells the story of an astronaut collecting floating rubbish in space and the forgotten memories they uncover along the way. An atmospheric piece offering an insight into the meaning of “home” in the context of an ongoing environmental crisis, the debut production from Azza-har Theatre uses physical storytelling, puppetry, and visual imagery to explore the interaction between the human and non-human elements that make up our understanding of home and how we can adapt this to suit a rapidly changing natural environment.

A beautiful and thoughtful piece featuring an international cast of recent drama school graduates, keep an eye on Azza-har’s social media channels to be the first know how and when you can catch them in action for 2022 – T: @azzahartheatre and I: @azzahartheatre

Plus – check out The Stage’s recent piece on the unusual ways theatre companies are going green, featuring Azza-har’s HOMEread here.



For a surrealist clash between idealism and reality… check out Slow Death of a Lotus Flower by Benedetta Scuto

An ensemble piece in the truest sense of the word, Slow Death of a Lotus Flower features an international cast of 2020 drama school graduates, all of whom trained on what is now Fourth Monkey’s BA (Hons) Acting course. Helmed by Class of 2020 alumnus and Slow Death of a Lotus Flower writer, Benedetta Scuto, this European collaborative aim to create unconventional beauty in their performances, that entertain and encourage audiences to think about bigger questions.

Slow Death of a Lotus Flower takes place over the course of a single day, and is a unique, surrealist journey into the clash between idealism and reality, played out in a hotel lobby where an inexplicable force has made all those who come through face their fears and fight for their ideals.

An exploration of what happened when everything you believe in collapses, Slow Death of a Lotus Flower is a tragicomic, poetic piece full of “joie de vie” and will be performed at the Drayton Arms Theatre 23, 24 and 25 February – learn more and book tickets.

Plus – interested in collaborative theatre making? Check out our MA Collaborative Theatre degree – learn more.

For female characters reclaiming their own narratives… check out The Dissent by Themis Theatre

A fledging, all-female theatre company, Themis Theatre are comprised of Fourth Monkey Class of 2021 graduates Libby Boyd, Ruby Blue Tansy-Thomas and Charlotte Boyle. Their work centres on sharing women’s narratives and their debut piece The Dissent first found life as part of our 2021 Experimental Fringe season.

The Dissent takes the intertwining stories of Icarus, Ariande and Phaedra and asks why their narratives blame the victim, not the perpetrator. An innovative piece which blends physicality and prose with clown and parody to explore the language of the patriarchy, injustice and why women to struggle to reclaim their narratives when society’s systems are stacked against them.

A bold, vital piece giving space to often unheard voices and re-telling historical female narratives from their perspective, keep an eye on Themis Theatre’s social media to be the first to hear how you can catch The Dissent in 2022 – I: @themistheatre and T: @ThemisTheatre

Plus – check out our conversation with Fourth Monkey’s Director of Training & Co-founder, Charleen Qwaye, for more fantastic, female-led insights into the creative arts industry – read here.

Inspired by our talented alumni theatre makers and now thinking about the next steps in your own creative journey? Auditions for 2022 entry across all undergraduate and postgraduate training courses are open – learn more and apply here!

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